RoadTrip Nation Coming to Columbus

RoadTrip Nation, a nationally acclaimed PBS documentary series and companion career exploration program, offers students a transformative exploration experience to discover and match their passions with purpose. The program introduces students to a world of career possibilities. By following real people who have succeeded by reaching their dream careers students broaden their horizons, realize the attainability of their dreams, and chart a path toward their future selves. 

The program offers hands-on experiences with professionals in various fields, enriching knowledge and providing practical career insights. Students witness the real-life challenges individuals face during their journeys. 

Road Trip Nation teaches invaluable life skills by demonstrating that determination can overcome setbacks. It encourages students to explore their values, interests, and passions. This self-discovery journey boosts self-esteem and equips them to make informed decisions about education and careers. Students are empowered to make choices based on their passions rather than societal expectations, encouraging them to take ownership of their lives and destinies.

More than just an educational program, RTN is a transformative journey that encourages students to discover, learn, and embrace their unique paths. As students embark on their roads, they carry invaluable lessons from this program, serving as a roadmap to a brighter future.

WDBCO and RTN are in production to launch a Central Ohio version of the program to reach thousands of youth later this summer and fall. 

You can learn more about RoadTrip Nation here.

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