On the Job Training

Choosing the right employees can be challenging. On the Job Training expands the talent pool and minimizes the risk of hiring candidates for various skilled positions when otherwise qualified candidates don’t quite have the experience required for the job opening. With On-the-Job training, we recruit, pre-screen, and help pay new hires while you provide hands-on training to get them ready and skilled for long-term employment.

On-the-Job Training is a federally-funded program that helps employers hire and train individuals for long-term employment.

  1. You Hire – Select your own candidates
  2. You Train – Training is tailored to your specific business needs and not limited to certain job types.
  3. Participation is simple! You agree to hire, train and retain employees and we reimburse you up to 50% of their wages (up to $8000) for up to 6 months.