Job Seekers

At OMJ-CFC you will meet caring professionals who have one goal: to help prepare you on a career path to success!

Through our Job Center and One-Stop Delivery System partners, we provide access to computers for job searching, career counseling, assistance with writing a resume or learning how to interview for a job, intensive case management, supportive services for employment or training related activities, funding to complete employer-recognized training and certification programs, and much more!

OhioMeansJobs Columbus-Franklin County is here to serve you and provide you with the tools and resources needed for advancing your career – whether you are first time job-seeker looking for entry level employment, have been dislocated from your former career and are trying to re-enter the workforce, or if you are underemployed and wishing to move up the career ladder.

We invite you to contact our office. We can meet with you individually to connect you with the resources and services that can help you achieve your goals. If you’re ready, we’re ready!


  • Career Planning

  • Job search skills development

  • Academic & skill testing

  • Hands-on computer classes

  • GED preparation

  • Creating resumés and cover letters

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Free phone, internet, printer & fax access

  • Job Training & Certification

  • Labor Market Information

  • Community Resource Information

Please visit our Resource Room Page to learn about the virtual services we are able to offer through the Job Center at this time.

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We work with thousands of people annually, serving Franklin and surrounding counties. At the One-Stop Job Center, multiple agencies deliver related services for job seekers and employers. OMJ-CFC is staffed by experienced professionals who care deeply about the people and communities in which they live and serve.

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@ OhioMeansJobs Columbus - Franklin County