Start Here

There are thousands of good-paying, in-demand jobs in Ohio. We need everyone to contribute their talents and energy to make your life successful and rewarding, and our state, a great place to live and work. Your journey starts here by opening an account with OhioMeansJobs. Please follow the three-step instructions to begin.


First step, click on this link to create an account at OhioMeansJobs and upload your resume if you have one.


If you don’t have a resume, want help polishing up an old one, or creating a new one, please register for a virtual or in-person resume workshop here.


Once you have your account created at OhioMeansJobs make an appointment to meet with an OMJCFC career coach to develop a personalized Individual Employment Plan or I.E.P.

We look forward to working with you on your journey to find and prepare for a career that suits your talents and interests.