All events listed on our Workshop Calendar will be facilitated at our Job Center located at 1111 East Broad Street. We ask all participants to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time for check-in. No late admissions will be permitted. We currently do not require registration for events, but priority admission will be provided to veterans and those who pre-register on the website.


How to OMJ — Take a tour of the website, learn about the powerful job search features, and explore the additional tools available on the website in this interactive workshop.  Please have an active E-mail account before the start of the workshop.


Orientation — Meet the OMJCFC Staff to understand services offered within the Job Center. Staff will provide a high level explanation of services along with a chance for job seekers to ask questions.


Digital Skills Accelerator — This 4 week workshop will provide an introduction to basic computer skills, social media, web security and G-Suite. Participants must begin with the first week.


Microsoft Office — Participants in this workshop will learn techniques and tips to better utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Road Maps — 10 Session workshop focusing on your “Road Map” to Success.  Topics range from resume development to money management. To find daily topics please contact OMJCFC staff.


Resume Workshop — Receive guidance and tips on how to design a professional resume. Please have an active E-mail account before attending the workshop. 


Open Resume Lab — Receive assistance in building your resume in this interactive lab. You must resume workshop once to attend this lab.


Interview Workshop — Gain interview skills, practice interviewing techniques, and understand current interviewing practices used by employers during this workshop. 


Open Interview Lab — Practice mastering your interview skills during this interactive  lab. You must attend the interview workshop once to participate in the interview lab


Learning LinkedIn Series — 4 session workshop series to help job seekers build a profile with the essential sections (Session 1), upgrade their presence with enhanced profile features and posting content (Session 2), learn the basic and advanced actions to take when applying for jobs (Session 3), and properly take advantage of LinkedIn’s networking power (Session 4)


Networking Group — Participants attending our Networking Group will be provided with tips and techniques that are essential to building your personal network. Each session may include insight from local employers from in-demand industries.


Job Search — Attend this workshop to receive guidance on how to find jobs, complete applications, submit resumes, follow-up with employers, and land your next position


Money Matters — This workshop provides participants with foundational financial literacy knowledge. Topics include understanding your credit score, developing a basic budget, and determining how to develop cost savings ideas.

Additional Resources:

Franklin County First Step — Resource Fair for Restored Citizens. Opportunity for recently released individuals to connect with organizations that will help you get back on track.

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We work with thousands of people annually, serving Franklin and surrounding counties. At the One-Stop Job Center, multiple agencies deliver related services for job seekers and employers. OMJ-CFC is staffed by experienced professionals who care deeply about the people and communities in which they live and serve.

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