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With an in-depth understanding of the local labor pool and regional opportunities, we provide the resources, intelligence, and tools you need to navigate the local market and Find, Retain and Grow your workforce.

I found the virtual hiring-event very useful, easy to use, quick, and allowed me to network and discuss open opportunities with local talent!


Build Your

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Our team serves as an extension of your HR team to make hiring more efficient and lead to better employee retention. We screen candidates for qualifications, experience, interest and job readiness. 



We provide meeting space, virtual platform and logistics support to events that hire future employees. Hiring events can be customized based on your company’s needs.

Learn how your company can participate in our upcoming CORRE Virtual Hiring Event.


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We have several skill-based training programs that employers can take advantage of that can help you expand and upskill your current and future workforce. The training funds can potentially offset the cost of wages while participants are in the program. 

Job Posting &

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Our Business Services team can help you navigate the website to post open positions and search resumes of qualified candidates. In addition, our team can share your job posting with our Talent Development Specialists to further connect your business with jobseekers who visit our local Job Center. 

& Employer

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We have multiple ways you can connect with jobseekers to learn more about the opportunities at your company. Our networking workshop is an opportunity for your business to talk with potential applicants interested in your company. Our Employer Highlight is a live session on social media that gives you an opportunity to market your company and share information. 

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